- Accessibility: Excellent communication through face to face meetings, email, and phone.
- Infectious enthusiasm and energy for YOUR project and building in general
- Unselfish assistance/consulting in selecting the lot, finding & “perfecting” the plans, budgeting,
and making "design decisions"
- Value: a balance between quality and price (beginning with a  high level of quality)
- Flexibility: the client gets what he/she wants without a fight
- Organization: On time, paper trails, regular client communication (avoiding emergencies), etc.
- Professional communication skills and an even-keeled approach to “hiccups”
- Respect for your vision, style, and budget
- Trust based on absolute honesty, integrity, fairness, and transparent financial disclosure
- Attention to detail and follow-through
- Taste (good taste according to our clients :-)

Client Commitment

The Chateau Construction Client Commitment 
Chateau Construction is committed to building your project with great attention to Quality, Style & Detail.  This commitment shows in the custom homes and investment rentals that we have built.  Please visit our Picture Portfolio for some good examples.  Perhaps you haven’t built a new home or investment property before and you may have some reservations about the process (even though you’re excited about the prospect).  When you hire Chateau Construction to build, you are also hiring us to be your advocates, consultants, and teammates throughout the project

While there are definitely exceptions, most builders in our area have the skills to coordinate schedules and organize subcontractors to build a good finished product.  Chateau Construction can do this well, too.  It is our commitment to YOU that sets us apart from the rest.

Our Client Commitment is not just a catch phrase we toss around, but a collection of values that we live by while building your project.  The following list of attributes represents who we are and what you buy when you hire Chateau Construction to build your new project:

Contact Us:

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