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    Brayden Moore (Property Manager)

   Phone:    (541) 752-4000 

   FAX:     (541) 754-3968

   Text:      (201) 503-3496 


​   Address:  2305 NW Monroe Ave.

                 Corvallis, OR 97330

​                 (next to Downward Dog)


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Available properties appear below.  If there are no vacancies, then the area below will appear blank and black.  Please call or text Brayden Moore  at (541) 752-4000 for the most accurate listings, to learn more about the properties managed by Chateau, to find out about upcoming vacancies, and/or to get on our wait list.  Our properties are in high demand so there may not be many available units, but they certainly become available from time to time.  To see pictures of a sampling of our units, please visit the Picture Portfolio: Investment Properties area of the Chateau Construction section of the website.  Please scroll through the properties below.

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