If you are considering buying or building an investment rental, then Chateau Construction is the place to start the discussion. It is our mission to capture your vision and build the ideal investment rental that is designed, built, and finished with the tenants in mind. This approach leads to happier/satisfied tenants, less maintenance costs, lower vacancy rates, etc. Chateau Construction embraces tenant needs/desires such as higher ceilings, high efficiency furnaces, air conditioning, excellent insulation, quality windows, beautiful/custom finish work, durable flooring, increased bathroom counts (if not entirely private baths), large rooms, dual fridges, attractive & functional kitchens, etc. Our intent is not to compete directly with the large complexes, which have flooded our area with cheaply built rental units, but to differentiate our homes with Class, Charm, & Comfort. We believe that 
Happy Tenants = Happy Investors.

Buying an existing worn down or tired home to add to your investment portfolio may seem like an easy option to get into real estate; however, the worn out home "systems" lead to increased maintenance, dissatisfied tenants, and higher vacancies. That mix translates to a poor return on investment. While the initial investment for new construction may be more than a simple existing home with a new coat of paint, the income and long-term return on new construction is higher for the reasons listed above.

If you already have a vacant lot in need of a new rental or a poor performing rental that needs to be replaced, please contact Mike Moore at
(541) 752-5555 or nbimike@comcast.net to discuss ways to maximize the return on those assets. Our approach to general contracting makes building a fun, exciting, and fulfilling experience.  Building an investment rental does require some effort; however, we’ve worked hard to create a system that minimizes the demand and stress on you while maximizing your satisfaction. Although Chateau Construction does not sell shares in real estate investments, Mike Moore is an excellent consultant who can help you find the right property, select or design a plan, and build your own RE investment(s). The project to the right is not a rental project; however, the construction process is illustrated well by the pictures to the right. The slideshow above does show investment rental examples.

Mike Moore's degree in Finance, MBA, experience with local development departments/codes, and extensive construction & investing experience make him an excellent resource to help you build a real estate portfolio that meets your personal investment objectives.    Most investors are not interested in being active landlords, which steers them away from diversifying their investment portfolios with real estate. There are certainly challenges to being a part time landlord. To resolve this concern, Mike and Brayden Moore established Chateau Management. You can trust us to care for and protect your real estate assets. As you explore this website you will develop a good sense of what it will be like to work with Chateau Construction & Chateau Management. 

Please contact Mike Moore at (541) 752-5555 or nbimike@comcast.net to open the conversation or to schedule a no obligation appointment. 


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