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At Chateau Management, we have applied the expertise gained through years of custom home construction to serve our exceptional clients (both property owners & tenants) with INTEGRITY. We spent years designing and building homes and commercial properties for satisfied investors and home owners.  Chateau Management is committed to excellent communication, reasonable contractual terms, fairness in challenging circumstances, etc.  We know how to care for and maintain investment renta properties.  In short, Chateau Management understands the value of your investment.  We are compelled, even driven, to care for your real estate while promoting an environment where valued tenants want to be.

You can trust Chateau Management to keep your property in excellent shape so it remains a good investment for your financial future.  We’ll work tirelessly to find responsible tenants that appreciate your properties while addressing tenant concerns expeditiously so that they remain satisfied and devoted residents.  We’ll select and work with only the best vendors to make certain that routine maintenance and repairs are handled to the highest standard — Our history as Chateau Construction provides expert knowledge of construction and gives us a real edge. We’d love to discuss with you how we can help you manage your particular property.  Every property has its own unique attractions and challenges and we don't follow a one-size-fits-all strategy. Call, text, or email Brayden Moore today to learn more about how we can improve your property management experience and get the process rolling.

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