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This list of Questions & Answers is not intended to be comprehensive.  If you have a question or topic that is not covered here (or elsewhere in the website), please feel free to call Mike Moore at: (541) 752-5555 or email him at He's happy to discuss your specific needs or situation and to address your question(s).

What is Chateau Construction’s mission statement?
It is Chateau Construction's mission "to capture your vision and to develop the ideal project: designed, built, and finished with the owner and/or tenants in mind."

What kind of building does Chateau Construction specialize in?
Chateau Construction specializes in building single family investment rentals, multi-family investment rentals, and beautiful spec homes.
Originally, Chateau Construction focused on custom home construction and that provided a foundation for the work we do today for our investors and tenants.

What is the greatest challenge facing Chateau Construction? 
Among other things, Mike is very concerned about the availability of buildable land in the City of Corvallis and the significant political hurdles that stand in the way of those willing to develop.  There is vacant undeveloped land; however, there is very little land for sale that is ready and available for development.  This short supply has created escalating prices and fewer options for local investors who would like to address the housing shortage in Corvallis while providing quality options for tenants
What do you charge to build a project or how much is this going to cost?
This is a normal question with a seemingly elusive answer.  Typically, you will hear area estimates in the $100-$140 range for building a quality investment rental that is differentiated from the rest.  The fact is, the price depends on many variables including:

· Overall size of the project (there are economies of scale: the larger the project, the lower the cost/ft)
· Location and building site
· Number of baths and kitchens
· Interior and Exterior finish materials
· Quantity, quality and type of flooring
· Grade of appliances
· Contractor profit and overhead
· Etc., etc., etc.

Mike doesn't say this to add to your frustration, but to explain why pricing seems so elusive.  The good news is that he can remove most of the “guesswork” in your very first meeting.  After a good discussion about YOUR dream, you will start to prioritize your expectations, discuss some tradeoffs and begin building a budget...TOGETHER. Having an MBA and hi-tech business experience has given Mike an excellent understanding of numbers, financing options, and spreadsheets. Combined, these things have led to a streamlined budgeting process that allows Mike to quickly give you the answer to “How much is this going to cost?”!

When working with Chateau Construction:
· You won’t get a general answer to your specific cost question (i.e. “around $125 per square foot”)
· You will get a specific answer: Your project, finished with these features and amenities will cost
$________(i.e. $300,000)
· You will have flexibility and control to increase or reduce costs based on your own decisions.
· At the end of the project you will have YOUR dream (not mine) at a fair price with accurate and
documented building expenses.

With Mike's background, what motivated him to work in construction?
Mike always wanted to be a builder, but pursued a career in hi-tech because it seemed to be the ideal career when he finished high school at CHS in 1983.  In August of 2000, his father was killed in a tragic car accident.  In a very personal way, this event reminded Mike that life is too short to not be doing what you love.  Within months of his father’s death Mike & Laurie sold their home (out-of-state), moved back to Corvallis, and started Chateau Construction.  He loves it and believes that his prior education and business experience have been the keys to the success of Chateau Construction.

Which members of Mike's family work in the business and what do they do?
Mike's wife, Laurie, has great taste and style.  She helps select home plans and is an excellent design consultant.  Mike's oldest son, Brayden, has worked in framing, excavation, cabinet construction, and is now the licensed property manager for Chateau Management.  Mike's second son, Ryan, is pursuing a degree in Industrial Design from BYU. Ryan does special construction projects when in town.

What does Mike do in his "spare time"?
Mike enjoys family time, volunteering at his church, camping, fishing, woodworking, electronics (audio, video, PCs), basketball, softball, and playing the violin.

Would you name a few personal or company community activities?
Mike feels that his greatest personal activity is striving to be a good husband and father to 4 wonderful children.  Sixteen years ago Mike and Laurie co-founded the Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association (WVDSA) where they have volunteered and mentored in many ways over the years.  Mike and Laurie's daughter, Megan (22), has Down syndrome and they felt there was a need to work together to improve the lives of those touched by Down syndrome.  Mike volunteers at his church as a bishop or lay minister of a 400 member congregation. Mike also enjoys formally mentoring business students at his alma mater, The Marriott School of Management at BYU and OSU.

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